Our Core Focus


  • We focus on cash flow and forced appreciation rather than just sheer market appreciation. Forced appreciation and cash flow strategies focus on decreasing expenses and increasing revenues through creative processes.
  • Secure conservative debt to weather any financial storm that may come to reduce risk for our investor’s capital.
  • Cash Reserves upfront in our operating account to allow maximum flexibility and strength regardless of market conditions.

Trusted Partners

  • We build strong partnerships with market brokers, attorneys, lenders, tax advisors, and other experts in multifamily real estate. We challenge ourselves to surround our team with the best and most trusted in the industry.
  • We thoroughly do our homework and use the resources of our partners to ensure we have the best market knowledge available.

Investment Transparency

  • The transparency starts when we first connect with you and throughout our partnership. We want to know you and not just about you.  You are family. 
  • Monthly and quarterly calls and emails are scheduled as a touchpoint in the investment process.
  • We handle the life cycle of the investment while you receive available after expense quarterly cash flow distributions. All financial information including distributions, return calculations, progress statements, and K-1’s.

Results Driven

  • We strive to exceed investors’ target return expectations. When results are met, more opportunities are created to partner in the future.
  • We are investing with you and will always treat your investment as our own.

Social Impact

  • As we take over an asset, we are essentially in charge of a community of people and families.  Our goal is to improve the lives of our community and neighborhood.  
  • For every asset that we take ownership or a stake in we will initiate several projects to improve the well-being of our communities making our residents feel safe, happy and content in their homes. Our goal is not only to improve the community just for greater investment returns but to also improve the lives within that community and neighborhood that would last a life-time.

Take control of your legacy now!