Our Acquisitions

We acquire vintage properties through new debt, assumption of debt, or all-cash purchases.

Our Transactions

Our transaction size ranges from $4 – 50 million with equity contributions of $1,000,000 – $20,000,000.

Our Hold Times

The hold time for each investment will typically be 5-6 years, but we may hold the asset longer depending on the deal.

An Investment Firm You Can Trust

Having a legacy is very important, but it can be very challenging to build one on your own. It requires a solid plan, faithful execution of that plan, flexibility, and a strong foundation of knowledge and experience. Investing in real estate is a proven avenue for building a great financial legacy. A legacy is about generational wealth, financial freedom and having the ability to impact family, friends and others in our communities.

White Water Equity was founded to help others create that financial freedom by providing real estate investment opportunities. We are real estate investors, but we are small business owners first. We built our investment firm from the ground up, and now we’re taking that experience and using it to innovate our investment deals and outperform our competitors every time.

What Sets Us Apart?


  • We have a focused strategy for each investment.
  • We have experienced partners to help execute the strategy.
  • Our operational partners and vendors are proven and experienced in the industry.
  • We are open and transparent with our investors and partners.
  • We are results-driven to keep ourselves and our partners accountable.
  • We strive to go beyond our strategy for each asset to over-deliver for our investors.


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