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To create financial security for your family and loved ones, you need to build a lasting financial legacy that will span generations.

Make an Impact

Your wealth will open the door to future investments  and give you the ability to impact the trajectory of your family and future generations to come. 

Give Back

When you have the means to give back to your community, you contribute to giving many people a better quality of life.

Isaac Mathai

Isaac Mathai


Isaac Mathai founded White Water Equity Partners because he wanted to impact others by helping them build a true financial legacy. His goal was to help others generate wealth by investing in real estate by giving them a true passive income stream.

In culture, Isaac was taught that the safe way to live life was to find a good-paying job, work hard, and retire. With those goals in mind, he went to college and became a Nuclear Medicine Technologist at an imaging center in Fort Worth, TX. After getting married, Isaac and his wife realized that no matter how hard they worked, they were spending less time with each other and even less time with their kids. To spend time with each other and family while accumulating generational wealth, Isaac got out of the rat race to pursue entrepreneurship. 

In 2012, Isaac founded Hidden Creek, a successful wedding and events venue near Dallas, with the support of his wife and a good friend. In building a business from the ground up, Isaac has received the first-hand experience in everything from development, to building teams, to marketing and even doing janitorial work.  Today Hidden Creek is one of the best privately owned wedding venues in the DFW area.

During 2013-2016, Isaac developed an interest in real estate investing. He spent years studying up on multifamily real estate assets by learning from experienced operators in the business. With the knowledge from building his own businesses, leveraging connections and his mentorship from James Kandasamy in multifamily real estate, he is now actively looking for deals to share with his investor base.

Advisory Board Members and Operational Partners

James Kandasamy

James Kandasamy

Advisory Board Member

James Kandasamy is the principal in Achieve Investment Group – a vertically-integrated real estate company, actively engaged in multifamily acquisition, asset management, property, and construction management.

A well-known multifamily operator, James has over 4 years of multifamily experience, and 6+ years of experience in real estate overall. In addition, through his work, James has built a reputation for creative marketing tactics to find motivated sellers and unlock hidden value in multifamily operations.  James has routinely led passive investors to an average IRR of more than 20% in past deals.

As for his specific accomplishments, James has identified, underwritten and overseen the acquisition process of over $130MM+,1700 units across 8 large multifamily investments.  His company, which includes 30+ employees, was the winner of the Best Property of the Year award for San Antonio- Best Rehab.  In addition, he hosts the “Achieve Wealth through Value-Add Real Estate Investing” podcast.

James is a bestselling author for his popular book Passive Investing in Commercial Real Estate: The Insider Secrets to Achieve Financial Independence.

Prior to real estate investing, James pursued a career in engineering – having earned a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (Hons) and MBA from reputable Universities. For more information on James Kandasamy – visit

White Water Equity Partners values James on our Advisory Board to provide underwriting and operational experience to our acquisitions.

Ronny Philip

Ronny Philip

Advisory Board Member

Ronny Philip is the CEO and Founder of Kingly Acquisitions. He has successfully closed over $40,000,000 in commercial and residential real estate transactions in Texas and Georgia. Ronny has extensive experience in due diligence, construction project management, marketing and private equity. At White Water Equity Partners, we are honored to have him to provide his expertise, connections and knowledge in our acquisitions.

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