Build a Legacy

To create financial security for your family and loved ones, you need to build a lasting financial legacy that will span generations.

Make an Impact

Your wealth will open the door to future investments, like college educations for your children and grandchildren.

Give Back

When you have the means to give back to your community, you contribute to giving many people a better quality of life.

Our Story

Isaac Mathai founded White Water Equity in July 2019 because he realized that it was impossible to build true generational wealth by working a day job – even a prestigious one. His goal was to help others generate wealth by investing solely in real estate.

As a child, Isaac was instilled with the usual expectations: get a good career, preferably in the medical or computer field; have a job where you clock in and out and make good enough money; get married and have kids. This was the safe route of going about life, so those were Isaac’s goals. He went to college and studied radiology in New York. After graduation, Isaac graduated and became a Nuclear Medicine Technologist at an imaging center in Fort Worth, TX.

A couple of years later, he got married. It was then that he began to realize that his job income, even combined with his wife’s income, wasn’t going to cut it for all their dreams and wants. Most importantly, it would never be enough to create generational wealth for his family.

In 2012, Isaac founded a wedding and events venue with the support of his wife and a good friend. In 2013, Isaac resigned from the career that he worked hard to get a degree in so he could pursue the dream of this venue. After adding another strategic partner in 2014, construction and development started for the venue called Hidden Creek.

Hidden Creek held its first wedding in October of 2016, and Isaac and his team were off to the races! He currently manages a staff of two to run and operate the wedding and events venue, which does almost 130 events per year.

During 2013-2016, Isaac developed an interest in real estate investing. He started to learn how one can make passive income and generational wealth by investing in real estate. Over the next couple of years, he dedicated much of his time to learn about multifamily real estate investing by learning from experienced operators in the business.

In the summer of 2019, Isaac passively invested in two multifamily investment deals. He is now actively looking for deals to share with his investor base.

Expert Agents

Robert Hendz

Commercial Real Estate

Loreen James

Residential Real Estate

Mike Brenson

Residential Real Estate

Brett Slater

Commercial Real Estate

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